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Turkey is on the Virtual Fair with the leadership in digital learning

Turkey is on the Virtual Fair with the leadership in digital learning

Launched on Thursday, October 22, 2020 by UNICEF, The Digital Learning Virtual Fair hosts more than 200 representatives of the public and private sector. The Ministry is one of the 15 institutions invited for exhibiting the works on the virtual fair with the leadership and innovative approaches in digital learning. Reliable and promising solutions regarding the digital learning are presented on the Fair. 

Four thematic topics were focused for the conference sessions organized on the first day of the Fair, October 22, 2020:

-    Extension of the access to digital learning solutions;

-    Enabling the internet access for schools, children and youth;

-    Providing mobile devices, laptops or PCs to children for enabling access to learning;

-    Reducing the costs and obstacles related to the access to digital learning solutions.

The exhibition section of the fair which will be open to visitors for 6 months, will host 15 featured applications and implementations in the world which increase the access to innovative hardware and software solutions for distance education, scalability approaches and programs increasing the accessibility of disadvantaged children.  Following the end of activity, all content exhibited will be displayed on UNICEF website.

A movie with English subtitles covering all activities carried out during the distance education was prepared by the Directorate General to be displayed on the Fair website as of October 22, 2020. The movie includes information about EBA, EBA TV, EBA Academic Support, EBA Virtual Classroom, "Safe Schooling and Distance Education Project" financed by the World Bank, the evaluation study organized with stakeholders and academicians, programs for disadvantaged students, EBA Support Centers, EBA Professional Development, webinars organized within international projects and Creating with IT Project.  

To visit the Fair, please click

Emniyet Mahallesi, Milas Sokak, No.8 06560 Yenimahalle / ANKARA - 90 312 296 9400

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